30 Days of Running Challenge

I was inspired today to start 30 days of running, in preparation for my first half-marathon. I intend to complete it by the end of June 2017, and I want to perform well, not just participate for the heck of it.

That will take time and the easiest way for me to make it happen is to train. Thus, the 30 Days or Running Challenge.

Here are the daily goals:

  • Complete 1 hour or more of physical exercise activity (walking, jogging and running)
  • Use the MapMyFitness app to record my routes and track my progress
  • Use the 21k training app by Vandersoft to help with building up to running the entire 21k
  • Post to instagram to help me stay accountable

Today 04/24 was #day1 and I am excited about this experience. Let’s do this!