Working Out the Way that Works for You

Working out can be a challenge when it is a new habit to be formed. For the past few days, I have been on a good streak. I worked out three successive days.

A workout is a session of vigorous physical exercise or training. There are dozens if not hundreds of different physical exercises that could constitute a workout. The key to getting started with running is to start running. However, if running is not your favorite type of exercise, or if you are currently unable to run, do what comes easier or what is more enjoyable to you.

To me, biking is more enjoyable than running. So I bike when I don’t feel like running, and biking is part of my training program to prepare for long runs.

I also enjoy hiking, and today for instance I hiked at the White Point Royal Palms Beach Park. A little over 3500 steps in about an hour.

Workout the way that works for you. The key is to pick any physical activity that you enjoy, start small, and allow it to grow organically.